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We apologize for the hearts of the living .. Insured Kagheit guest of the orphanage!!!

Insured Kagheit

 Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings ..

Orphan .. Wound healed
Orphan .. Water does not stop

The inevitable result ... Corruption of a man and a woman met on the anger of God ..
And that our heart of stone ..
How can human beings ..??!
Did not take into account that there will be a human being of flesh and blood ..

Live a living hell ..
The pain does not stop ..

The ink is not injured ..

Woe to all beech and beech ..
And criminal, criminal ..
Produced a son .. Or a girl .. Did not know the father of one of them .. Not his mother ..

Hoped their meeting ..
They do not wish he was ..
The mercy of God above all else ..
And Jehimh and vowed to fire Sairh all criminal, criminal ..
Pains in the world and then chills it Brzachi body of every human being as well as those who live ..
Not including the Resurrection and the punishment of the Blaze, which determination and waiting ..

Sheikh Fadhel ..
Habib, a man .. And high (paper qualifies the legitimacy) of the first-class ..

Ohabbnah in the indescribable love of God ..
And Aadeni .. To meet in the city and it will come from their homes in the city and we would like to see me ..
I had the pleasure of his arrival, His Excellency indescribable ..

And visit me and I was pleased by .. The Prophet's Mosque in the Our ..
I had the pleasure of coming very pleased .. And embraced ..
It is initiated modest to accept the head before I kissed his head ..

The very modesty and respect .. God has divided us all the best ..
With another person and the son of a small .. (Perhaps in the secondary) was a modest dress, modest and the state ..

It introduced me and said I (Abdullah) * Milking and then I said to him:
Lu told me .. Polly came to the two as long as you Shaib .. (Humor)

Was on a Thursday ..
And I was fasting and prayer had been sort of ran Important ..
We started after a light ..
Trip to the nearest ..

We are on the road trip to see the sunset ..

Take my hand off guard ..

And whispered in my ear:

He said to me: I have this view of orphans!!

To be more precise: a foundling!!

Not .. Taatmalk My feet and a view unusual Dmotai It did not come out fast ..
And then .. I did not see one day an orphan .. In my life ..
How Ya Sheikh .. ??

Sheikh, however, caught as if nothing had happened since (Abdullah), close to us ..


I sat down and prepared to consider it .. Abdullah in:

The son of a small ..

A dream in his eyes .. In which the leading character ..

Defter .. Mahbub .. Social ..

Qualities it is impossible that there are those who are in a similar situation ..

But ..

Crime .. His parents, who disappeared .. In Dniihama ..

And Sijdnahma .. In the hereafter .. And accepted by the isthmus at the death and Resurrection, not including the ..

Maznb this Nabgp .. ???!!

Fungus, which my heart was not in the Azad on Tmrtin Iaftari .. And worked with some joke .. Some of the jokes on my Asli

They Ihspoha Odaab them and I am pleased for my mind to show that the sadness on my face ..

Aftrt breakfast I do not know him and I am a gander .. Abdullah ..

Oh God .. The offense is immoral??
I did not see the orphans .. I met him in my life .. Suddenly .. Shocked .. !

Oh, you Oh Abdullah ..
If the sick ... Of Ehadak ..
If I cried tears of scans ..
If you need to help you ..
To protect you from the greed of the people of greed ..

Recapture ... We went to pray ..
Bless me .. Suhat and omissions on every prayer ..

God for you my darling ..

They went and returned to me after the prayer ..
And Twaadna to meet after dinner ..

In the Prophet's Mosque in the usual place where I sit always ..

Indeed ..
We met with them ..
If Abdullah .. From me a long ..
Might come to sit with me and if I feel comfortable with .. He does not know how I am looking forward to it ..
Initiated Bbasmp special ..
Despite the fact that I Cheickna .. I am on my heart with joy and a guest on his arrival ..

We sat and we chatted .. Abdullah, the son sat next to me ..
Then appeared, asking me for my .. And some of the qualities that should be the leader in the ..
And tells me some stories of orphans in Dar ..

And began to address it ..
And tell him: how to be loved?
See my darling, and role models for Qdahm ..

He told me: Oh, like you, Sheikh (****) I said God bless .. SOBHAN Hlak sadly kind of ..
And surprised by how nice his time to learn the virtues of morality, although filled with people ..
And ill and wounded Odbam permanent ..
He told me: "O Sheikh (Abu Usama)
Frrdt it: you darling ..

Said: I wonder Mazum we have for dinner tonight ..
Bey is in a restaurant ..

I shot a smile .. : I have Kyi and Tashini ..
And Katabth joke:
What do you think the best eat in a restaurant ..
Shush, wanted a restaurant .. Prime Minister Abshar point and all the best ..

He said: No, Sheikh Lakhtar Nashik ..
He fell from my site .. Double ..
What do you think I told him that eat in a restaurant .. (*****) Vgmz Achthah had given, but is embarrassed by the fact that the restaurant is somewhat Gali ..

Pressed his hand kindly on the Big Brother:
Huh!! Wonderful to say was ..

He told me: you Braank Sheikh ..
I laughed .. I told Prime Minister Abshar all the best .. Ya Ghali me ..
The mystery for me .. Atqta great and I am in my heart ..

Do you will find it will go to the restaurant in the future .. this ???!!
Oh God, you my son ..

I Ousih Science ..
May God Granulates forensic science ..
I hope that it is a site ..
Amen ...

We went to the restaurant is very pleased .. And happiness ..
Then I went, which I told him:
What do you think you and I to put the bowl of which is a select ..

He told me: Prime Minister Abshar .. Wonderful Jumping for joy .. And began to pick and choose put anything and everything .. I say:
What do you think??
How do you Gustatory Sheikh ..??
I told him exactly like Gustatory.
Vaitir joy that we have agreed to choose ..
As much pleasure as that of Farah Taste ..
And my fear of it ..

How was the food delights ..
He felt satisfied that the insured Kagheit such as his brother's dream will not see race as long as it beat ..

Ah ... Oh, you Abdullah
God, you and I have ..

Unfortunately, there is - unintentionally -- He sat with us ..
God guided him ..

Then he started talking about a relative ..
He asked me .. By boldly ..

Wanted to show him the beauty of the descent of pride ..
Together with Abdullah, who lost the ratio between a criminal and a criminal ..
Did not take into account the right of this Nabgp ..
How many received a stab??
The orphan and to be silent busy .. Food ..

Vdjrni liquid on the Genealogy Bjroth ..
Cool .. I went on to reveal a view that did not take a few seconds were a little to hide behind a great ..
Vmahha son Abdullah ..
Vtvajo liquid surprised ..
And feared (Abdullah) and said: Huh ..
Calm down you Mollify Sheikh ...

Votrguet a smile to my horror, Abdullah ..
Panic poor .. Fear of the anger at all .. The freak of all cry ..
Abused, but I question the existence of the lineages, it has a painful injury?? I am very upset him ..
Tahina .. Dinner, as promised, I immediately .. .. unusually But so as not to freak out, Abdullah ...

The reader forgive me brother / sister reader:
Each of the Aveth to this article ..
Hurt your feelings ..
How can those who felt .. Lived .. Chem .. And taste ..
Did not leave enough balance .. Rarely ..
I loved it .. much love
For the whole of my house in the eyes of the whole ..
But the elimination of Allaah be upon him ..

The story is not over yet: the more painful the next chapters ..
He apologized ..

Sheikh, which was started by .. Speak to me ..
The cool air and I have removed the anger from my face and go wash my hands ..
Then I went back to apologize to the person an apology .. .. Accepted it .. Jaber Al-Sabah ..
And upset for myself, but for what this poor guilt .. ?? To receive Tanatena ..
Can not speak a word ..

Oh Abdullah ..

Important ..:
Emerged from the restaurant ..
They said to me: we want to visit .. People close to here ..

I told you Ohbabina .. Taatokron us do not even realize I have enjoyed the night with you .. And you ..
We want to win the time ..

They said a quick visit .. I told them: you have all you want ..
Vantalegoa until they reached the house I did not know what ...?? They said: "We have to recognize the young people here know them and we have contact with them ..

I have a good ..
(House of Social Welfare)

I think I worked for those crimes .. And placed them here ..
Important to have acceded to the house ..

We received (Abdullah) Last:
Grant in the name .. It also did not expect .. (Orphans) did not know his father and mother in my life about .. A young man and his vision to restore justice shy, handsome face, as if the moon falaka ..
Thank God, but God does not force God ..

God does not come close to putting the same in the eyes ..
A moment shy of view ..
Head confident Gore environment .. And the weight of the situation .. The magnitude of the catastrophe ..
Came to a minimum through the no man's land ..

Lester God for his parents ..
And is currently still is the pain and the moment of every hour ..

Maznb this young man ???!!
Break my heart it too ...
Sheikh surprised to hold my hand and says to me:
I saw them??

I said yes ..
They were a great number more than fifty perhaps ..

Young and old ..
He said: They are all orphans (a foundling)

As if God did not create me to SANA did not make me a statement ..
Whole body and the pain of my heart .. Challenged ..

I hurt for our son (Abdullah)
If I enter the scores of all (Abdullah)

Orphans are not the father or not ..
Their future is unknown .. All Imguethm and knew ..
If Arafohm .. To Asthmua on Kiehm ..
Rahmat Allah Fbhm buy ..
But crying to the moon ..

Diffine the best hospitality and orphans gathered around me and around Sheikh Abdullah ..
In the opinion of his brothers in the house and engaged them even forgotten by the horror of what I saw ..

I received a child (orphans) aged .. 9 years Almost the same towing Ikatabni Damaa, a hand extended to me and Safhani ..
Farah Brwitna ... And is sent to us, along with dozens of young orphans ..
Imagine that the two terms ..
Studying the first primary grade of the same view of the same is what I saw ..
But all of them!! Orphans ..
And accepted and accepted the head and Msanh ..
To the effect when Ahmed and Other: A man complained to the Prophet peace be upon him the severity of his heart told him to wipe the head of an orphan ..
Ah ... Oh .. and then They are the most pain ..

Important ..
We .. Administration ..
Administration We have received a good reception ..

Everyone was surprised I did not speak a word ..
I was struck by what I have ..
What has pained Ashth ..
If b (Abdullah), the young man who received us - as I said - we come .. And cold drinks with him .. Purchased from his own pocket ..
Hospitality .. God has divided us all the best and is pleased him and his house in the ..

I drank did not put on the smile did not speak ..
We were going out of the Office of Administration ..

If ..
Sheikh consider me ..
If you say here ..

Which has not been caught Dmotai I understand how to get out of it quickly in the positions of the lesser of these, how this patient??

He said to me:
View, and I have a sense of how Abdullah .. Any hair Bhzni ..

They have emerged from the Varguenahm .. ..
Image and did not leave my face and lives of my memory ..

Gone ..
I am sure the Sohrtna Sheikh and his friend, and our son Abdullah

And we went .. One Bakalat ..
To buy what is lacking in the journey ..

Abdullah said to us in the car:
Ya Sheikh (person)
I am a spirit-Sheikh (Kagheit insured) You buy the car in Aqta .. ..

I said to him: the eyes ..
Anyway, I went to a grocery store on the way .. Began to complain of ill-treatment of some managers in the Department ..

And some of them have been hit ..
And severe insult ..

I have been informed by a colleague that supervisors sometimes playing with the young people (orphans)

Taking the ball .. No way be described as the supervisor ..

Ozbd thunder and said: Come son no man's land .. !!

Really ..
Such a difficult life ..
Which do not show mercy ..

We sat Tsamerna Fol ..
In return, they live in a hotel next to the Prophet's Mosque ..
He said to me (Abdullah):
Come with us, O Sheikh Nam .. Enough!!
I said to him: I have a private home .. God Ickramk and Ikhalik ..
Tried, but no point was ashamed .. And Asthieddit ..

She called on them for those nights ..
And went running to my face and did not sleep that night ..

Met in the meeting tomorrow and sat .. Maliha and where they were calling on the travel ..
She called on them, has come the moment of farewell ..
Moment time ..
Which Sooda Abdullah ..
Where he was under me, and my eyes did not request anything except under the hand would find .. Is there?? I am going to miss that smile and the kind of morality Almileihp ..
As if carved out part of me .. I filed ..

And invited him .. I saw the same has overflowed Bdma .. V. .. so exited And moved away by the bereaved and the same ..

Fadil al-Sheikh told me:
He told me to contact:
The young people have been affected very severely affected and say goodbye ..
Disenchanted, and sleep ..
I do not know .. What happened and some of them cried on the way ..

Gone from my eye, did not Ivarkoni ..
I do not know Ootolm the parting Sheikh Habib ..
Or parting owner ..
Separation or a son who did not Miss .. Special Attrni wear award five and is still in its workaday clothes ..
I weep about what Cmmth .. In workaday clothes ..

Ostodek God ..
My brother, who was born by our own mother ..
And my son who did not see it yet ..

Not forgotten the bright voice and diligence Aelloukadp ..
Not forgotten the pain .. When the issues raised in front of him .. Genealogy

Not forgotten his Itrach ..
I called on those who caused it in this life .. Painful ..

Orphans ..
Hidden by the dark ..
Not only knows the hearts of the living ..
Zorohm .. In the social care home ..
Gifts, but not as light ..
But to help ..
And entertainment ..

God alone is used ..

Written by the blood of the heart and eye water Insured Kagheit



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